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Jodi Heights releases “THE STORM”

In the sea of singer-songwriters, Jodi Heights stands out with her classically honed technique and her brilliant lyrics that plumb the depths of everyday life. She sounds similar to Sara Bareilles, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spektor.

From the historic city of Boston, Jodi Heights is hooking listeners with her supple, Broadway tinged voice and rockin' piano chops. Fans describe her as "Fiona Apple meets Regina Spektor" and her songs as "poetically crafted and authentic."


Heights released The Storm on May 6th, 2022. This hopeful ballad was written during the early days of the pandemic, but it speaks to any crisis that affects broad groups of people and asks "when the storm is past, what will we have left? It’s a tuneful melody track that created a tonal atmosphere as she constantly controlled the pitch . Having her voice on it topples the crafted masterpiece. The employed theme is absolutely wonderful. Listen to the storm here!

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