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Kali Sade releases “DO U WRONG”

Kali Sade is a 17-year old singer/songwriter from Milledgeville, Georgia. She was first influenced to sing and write songs by her grandfather Kenny Kelsey. Eventually, she started performing at schools, churches, and local talent shows. Kali Sade's musical influence comes from a combination of R&B and Hip-Hop artists such as 2Pac, Jamie Fox,

Lauryn Hill, and Bryson Tiller. Her style is a hybrid of traditional R&B mixed with a hip-hop flow. Kali Sade is a true Gemini, and her music will reflect the different feelings she is experiencing at the time of her song creation. Relatability, reflection, and realness are what to expect from Kali Sade.


Who knew that a night of joking around with her siblings would lead to creating such a relatable song. She knew she wanted to write a break up song, but from the perspective of the person ending the relationship, so she pitched the idea.

Do U Wrong is Kali’s third single released on the March 19, 2022 explains what it feels like to care about a person but understanding that the person isn't the one for you. Having to break that news to a person you care about is heavy, but definitely necessary in the long run for both parties. “And I hope you understand that I dun wanna do you wrong” as she continues to express her emotions through her thought provoking lyrics along the smooth instrumentation. Stream Do U wrong here!

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