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LA Laura Paris releases “KISSING BOYS”

Emerging from Paris, France comes this Music goddess often compared to Madonna u Lady Gaga for her charisma, artistic creativity and

Collaborations with the French Touch.

LA Laura Paris is a young French artist with

Poo-Ejaciro sounds, equipped with multiple talents: author, performer, compositrico, Musician, DJ producer, choreographer and director. Her clips (including that of "Kissing Boys", and her previous single "I'm leaving night Away" which won an award at the Fashion Film Festival in San Diego, California,

She has also been a DJ and mix for FG Radio since 2020, which led her to work with Many French and international DJs and producers, She is also surrounded by talents Americanans in the realization of her new song Kissing Boys, which was released on April 29, 2022

Kissing Boys, her latest single is adorned with the feeling of kissing someone, and getting discover, to discover, Energy explosion, alchemy, indescribable electricity that two people can feel, pleasure, emotion, tenderness and love. To embrace is to feel alive. It's magical to discover someone during the first kiss. It's a moment that reveals everything about the person, and she wanted to translate this sensation into music.


LA Laura Paris recorded the title at the Question de Son studio in Paris, with the celebrities. The song is accompanied by a clip, which reflects the emotion and lyrics of the song, showing how different people who kiss, of all kinds, and of all Colors. Listen to kissing boys and enjoy quality visuals as well! Tuneful melody and sensual lyrics.

You Just love it! You just like it! Stream here!

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