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“LEBEN HEIBT (M.E.L.L.)” by Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer is a German singer-songwriter who has his roots in punk and rap of the 2000s. In his music, he pairs these roots with guitar and vintage sounds to create an up and down of feelings. All songs are mixed and mastered in the studio of London producer South Side Social Club, creating a unique sound for a German artist. "I am inspired by the perfect in the imperfect“ says Jack Spencer.

Leben Heibt (M.E.L.L.) is the latest track from Jack Spencer. This song speaks about the matter arising on what life actually mean.

Life means...Everyone asks themselves this question at some point. Some more often than others, but no one can avoid this question.

It is usually very difficult for us to recognize this. But it is precisely from these feelings that my songs arise. Everyone has to find out for themselves what life means for you. For Spencer, it's called (M.E.L.L.) and means the two of us forever.

Not every tone has to harmonize, that's not how life is and music should not be like that. Music must be able to breathe. Each of us knows these feelings of fresh love, difficult farewell and also of living apart. In my songs, I try to describe everyday life from a different angle. Every farewell also means that you have been given beautiful memories, every broken love brings passion.

Jack Spencer

What does life actually mean? The answer is simple - there is none. And no matter what it means to you, never be afraid of the way, but think very clearly about which way you want to go. One thing is certain, life means never arriving and our way is still a long way. Jack Spencer’s Leben Heibt is a whole mood. With the unique instrumentals and vocals climb on from one pace to the other throughout the track. And makes it enjoyable to listen. Awesome performance in all.

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