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“LIFE” by Nola Reign

Emerging from the USA, is a genius hip hop/rap Artist Nola Reign who has found his way to spotlight blog with his “life” track on his debut album one call away. This album was released on the February 18, 2022 with 17 unique songs from start to the end.

life and other 16 songs on the “one call away” are doing great on all major platforms which have call for massive numbers on there. If you’re not part of the listening party, hope you do so because there’s no dull moment on all 17 song album.

life track from Nola Reign talks about the ups and downs in life and we got to keep Our heads up and fingers crossed and hope for a better day. It’s a bad day not an entire life misfortune.

I‘ll be gone in the morning, let me chill for the night” from the track got me down. Let’s enjoy every moment of ours while we make things out of them. Tomorrow is not promised. Let love lead. Enjoy listening to life. Nola Reign is here to stay.

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