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“LONDON” by Cas Du Pree

Born in Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, Michael Cassander du Pree is the eldest of two and is known professionally as Cas du Pree. He was born in 1987. Their music style is characterized by a blend of electronic and acoustic elements, with a focus on creating dreamy soundscapes that are both introspective and atmospheric.

His music often features intricate guitar work, ethereal vocals, and ambient textures that create a sense of space and depth. Cas du Pree's latest release 'London' has been widely distributed across major music platforms, showcasing his continued dedication to producing quality records.

In an era where many singers struggle to maintain their vocal range and quality, Cas du Pree stands out as a dedicated and hard-working artist who continues to improve and refine his craft. His latest release, 'London', showcases his exceptional musicianship and production skills, but is best enjoyed as ambient background music.

The track features infectiously catchy vocals and a modern sound that expands on his distinct style. While the impression of the music may be ambiguous at first. London' is ultimately a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience that showcases Cas du Pree's genius as a musician. the production quality is strong and the track is not jarring to listen to, making it a great addition to any playlist.

While the track may not leave a lasting impression, it's clear that Cas du Pree has plenty of promise and potential for even greater releases in the future. Stream "London" now!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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