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“LONG STORY SHORT” by Yeloboi Tommy.

Hong Kong-raised, Sydney-based rapper Yeloboi Tommy is back with a heartfelt new single 'LONG STORY SHORT' a stunning reminder of why he's considered one of Australia's most exciting new talents.

Long Story Short sees Tommy take a detour into introspective territory, revealing an artist with self awareness and story telling prowess, while still keeping his flair for melody and crafting an undeniable earworm. Over a classic guitar loop, Tommy lays to bare the worries that plague a kid growing up in Western Sydney, yet his message is one of empowerment and overcoming those circumstances. Another example of why Tommy is set to make an impact, putting on for his community, and destined for stardom, one by one creating a swarm of devoted fans and believers.

Yeloboi Tommy

Tommy has a million dollar dream and does that for his family. Awesome performance in all. Lyrically genius as you put in the love you have for your work.

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