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“LOVE BLIND” from Eternity Songs X Stephen Sims

Holland and a songwriter/musician from Dallas Texas. I work with some fantastic singers and producers from Nashville, Tennessee, LA, California, Taiwan, India and Great Britain & will be adding new songs every few weeks. Eternity Songs is basically a collection of her songs & features amazing pop and Indy artists as well as country & faith-based singers. I also cowrite and collaborate with songwriters throughout the US, Great Britain and Canada.

Stephen Sims of Great Britain has performed for Elton John Aids Foundation, BBC, ITV and Sony International. Currently, performing, recording and writing internationally as a featured artist, main vocalist, session singer and vocal arranger. Other projects include working with Curtis Richardson (J.lo, David Guetta) and Graham Stack (Kylie, Steps, LeAnn Rymes).


The 28-year-old singer and pianist has been recognized internationally for his vocal talents and songwriting and his music featured in the Handmaid's Tale. As a solo performer he has played to thousands of people from stadiums to concert halls. These include The Millennium Stadium (Cardiff), St. Davids Hall (Cardiff), Oxford Streets 100 Club, The Troubadour, Rockwood Music Hall (New York), The Delancey (New York).

love blind features these two above mentioned great Artist. Too much talent on there! Catchy melodies and distinctive vocals. Not forgotten the heartwarming lyrics. “When you think them gonna stay, they gone before your eyes” it’s only your imagination. There’s nothing left but ashes! Love blind indeed. Catch the cruise and listen to fresh vibes here!

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