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“LOVE ME, YOU DO” by Soundwave

Indonesian electronic-pop duo, Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari, have released 'Love Me, You Do' on May 12, 2022. What started out as an awkward first meeting of 2 music professionals from participating in a music competition, eventually had Jevin Julian and Rinni Wulandari join forces to create new music.

Working together for just about 4 months, somehow it felt very comfortable being able to bounce of ideas. How rare is it to be able to find someone (in work or life) that makes it It feel effortless to communicate with each other, and it was easy to work together? This made them realize that perhaps they have much deeper connection other than just working professionally together, Rinni Wulandari shares.

Jevin Julian & Rinni Wulandari (Soundwave)

Love Me, You Do has the mischievousness of an electronic pop-bob that is suitable for the dancefloor, or even a fashion runway track. It's a cheeky take to be able to share with you always the best on BlogNet. Listen to love me, you do here!

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