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Maél releases "ALLES NICE"

The alternative/ hip hop German artist Maél has released his latest single titled Alles Nice on all major platforms amid proving to the world his talent through via his previous release like back in the building, hat sich gelohnt, to mention a few.

There is no denying fact that Maél alles nice belongs to the kind of hip hop phenomena that has shaped a whole generation. His unique style, varying between droning hypnotising mechanical sound and soothing orchestral music. Yet, it's the voice of this German singer, Maél, that deepens the spell and puts you in an inescapable trance.


Maél songs channel a full vibrant range of every human emotion: from jealousy and passion to sorrow and wrath to heartwarming memories. If you are longing for a soul-healing, mind-bending experience, be sure to give Maél Alles Nice a try, you'll thank me later. Listen to Alles nice here!

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