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“MEMORIES 1: THE STORM” EP by Maximilian Wentz

Maximilian Wentz, a 2021 New England Music Awards nominee in the Best New Act Category, is a talented artist who excels as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. His unique musical style combines elements of rock, metal, Latin music, and acoustic pop. While he originates from the Boston area, his family roots extend to Frankfurt, Germany on his father's side and have Latin influences on his mother's side. Maximilian's passion for music was evident from a young age as he found himself singing along to Marc Anthony songs before he could even speak in complete sentences.

His latest EP, titled "Memories 1; The Storm," offers listeners an immersive experience in an expansive musical landscape. It can be described as a lively and uplifting journey, featuring vibrant acoustic guitar melodies and a pulsating bassline. The EP incorporates warm percussion and seamlessly blended vocal harmonies that enhance the overall texture of the music.

Each element is carefully introduced at just the right moment and in perfect balance, creating a captivating and harmonious sound. Its energetic yet soothing compositions, enriched by skillful instrumentation and vocal arrangements, showcase Maximilian's artistic prowess.

Maximilian's EP "Memories 1; The Storm" encourages listeners to delve deep within themselves and contemplate through its solid and atmospheric instrumentals and Maximilian's distinct vocal style. The rhythmic flow of the lyrics creates a calming yet invigorating effect, effortlessly connecting the body to the soul.

The EP incorporates ambient paino keys, drum, bass, percussion, and shimmering guitar chords, adding an intimate and dynamic element to the music. The acoustic guitar and steady percussions provide a solid foundation for the atmospheric ambiance. "Memories 1; The Storm" is available on all major platforms, providing a captivating and comprehensive listening experience.

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