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Anthony Vezza started playing guitar when he was 9 and never stopped. He started this project after a friend of his passed away and all he had left to visit him was his music. He wanted the same thing for his friends and family. He’s been making records for bands and artists in South Jersey and Orlando for about 15 years. Fans started responding well to the music on Instagram in 2017 and a lot of them were telling him how his music was helping them emotionally so he decided to find new ways to get the music to more ears.

Vezza is the project of Southern New Jersey-based Anthony Vezza. Atrue audiophile, Vezza released his first EP Gaslight' from his basement studio while collaborating remotely with former college classmate, Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy. Infusing traditional pop-punk style guitar with bedroom-pop-inspired beats allows Vezza to create a spin-off of his

major influences like New Found Glory, Owl City, The Killers, The Used, and Weezer.


Minuscule creep is is his latest track released on the April 29, 2022. The song finds Vezza using his power packed vocal to declare that “you can talk to his friends and leave him behind but he knows he will be free on day” . This song will serve him for years as a nice middle finger to people who are fake and put other people down to make themselves seem better. It's also written to be an anthem to a teeny bopper high school film. Listen to minuscule creep here!

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