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“MON CORONA RADIO EDIT(Davy Remix)” by Dave kensington

DAVE KENSINGTON, by his real name, Davy

CATHERINE, born in Belgium on 26/051974, is a Artist author, composer performer and

producer, he is the founder of the FMP PUBLISHING label, and produced the artist LAB2C, rapper and former host of Fun Radio, he will produce an album for LAB2C "Audiophetamine" Dave KENSINGTON, begins his acting career from the age of 17 or he will be released on a competition. Lation a melancholic shot "We said goodbye" rhythmic Dance Music at the time, will shoot at Through a podium tour for the national lottery, and various festivals in Belgium in 1992.

Dave KENSINGTON, will participate in various TV shootings, as an actor and extra. He was Choreographer intern at 19 years after Disneyland Paris, for various shows, no Tamment, the famous parade of our lady's Boss, and will be intermittent from the show to this Time. Dave Kensington is the founder of several companies active in environmental services.

Lying currently preparing for an album, electro-pop, he is fascinated by the world of pop art and Cubism. The album will consist of 11 tracks, and remains a surprise for these fans.

The track here today is “Mon Corona radio edit(Davy Remix). This is one masterpiece off the “Mon Corona” EP from this competent Artist. It was a perfect start without space for the Instrumental at the opening. Dave brings all the energy directly from the action and to the track. He makes his fans enjoy real vibrations.

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