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“MONEY MAKING” by Jozakeen

JOZAKEEN is an Italian musician, producer and singer. He wants to became your favorite music producer. JOZAKEEN, producer have a big love for all music genres. All the music that you listen to from his profile is produced in a home studio and approved by his manager, Mr. Cookie (also known as "my cat".

He has always been quite shy that hes not a "party animal". He has always been the person who stays in the corner of the room even if the party was organized by him. He’s the kind of person that prefers to create, think, do, FEEL and share the songs and wants to perform as well. He’s always the number one fan of his produced artists as his song sounds damn good. He always notice the good and bad sound of his performance and re-produce the trac since he’s the number one fan of his Artists.

JOZAKEEN Jozakeen is with the dream of becoming a producer for some big of the music scene

He has produced this hip-hop song money making and its spotted here on spotlight blog.

Money making is Jozakeen’s latest single on all major platforms on the April 28, 2022. It comes with expressive lyrics and punches. How life goes when with or without money, the ups and downs associated with money. “When you go down no lady wants to come close to you” this line hit different. And it’s obvious how good people around you cherish you when you make money. Jozakeen carried his emotions throughout his performance and it’s clinical. Jozakeen admits he’s gonna get his mum what she needs and pay the necessary bills yet he’s not going broke again.

if you bribe him with some tuna it is possible

that you can jump some positions of the waiting list and always look up!” says Jozakeen. Listen to money making here!

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