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“MONEY RIGHT” by Cam Blair

Cam Blair is from Jamaica, Queens, NY. His meaningful lyrics and hard-hitting bars epitomizes what New York rap stands for. On "Tanya", Cam Blair demonstrates his ability to be versatile and appealing to the ear. In his music he talks about it all - from coming from a West Indian background (Jamaica and Trinidad) and dealing with hardship.

The rapper's biggest influences are Dave East, Meek Mill, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Like these artists, Cam Blair's favorite thing about his music is his unique style. "Every song has a message, visual or not. Dig deep because there's nothing insubstantial." Cam Blair

This song comes charging straight out of the gate with relentless distorted vocals and drums. Giving you 100% of his energy from the get-go, it is clear from just the intro of this song that Cam Blair is not here to play. Such a driving melody, confident vocal, clever lyrics as well as imaginative storylines.

"The song goes through the changes l've faced through my career but the hook keeps the mission consistent: rags to riches, trying to get rich." Cam Blair.

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