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“MOTHER” by Mass Experience

Hailing from Australia is Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton with the stage name Mass Experience. They met twenty-five years ago, their desire fused by a love of emerging technologies and the explosion of dance music that blew their young indie-music minds and have not stopped creating since. From spinning breakbeat and promoting some of Sydney's most legendary underground rave parties in the 90s, to designing many of the scene's most iconic club flyers and record label artwork as self- taught graphic artists.

Excited to work collaboratively again, drawing on the vast history of musical influences inspiring them over the years, they formed Mass Experience - with the vision of energising people around the world to live authentic lives motivated by passion and love and to get up and dance!


Mother is the opening track of the “Pleasure and Purge“ album. This track allow love to pour in and force any self-deprecation to take a backseat. Listeners are caressed by the bright synthesizers, vocal messages of positivity, and dance to glitchy-rawness:

some core elements of sound that are part of Mass Experience's shared imagination. This

is clear based on the uplifting lyricism that Katie weaves effortlessly throughout the project. Listen to Mother and other clinical tracks on the pleasure and purge album here on Spotify blog!

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