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MTR Magic Key Releases “SUGAR HOUSE” Album

MTR Magic Key is a collective of artists living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina. They play shows, complete public interactive art installations, code video games, and host barbeques. We play Bootgaze music- a synthesis of our region's passions: technology and americana.

Their recent recording showcases their most recent live show in the barn at their headquarters (known as 'Keenanadu'). It's a sampling of songs from recent mixtapes and albums. They sell Tickets in the MTR Magic Key Leisure Center Discord before they perform live- streamed shows. They were live at the May Day spectacular 2022.


Today, we revisit the quintessential release of Sugar House on the April 18, 2022 from the MTR Magic Key. A seven track album undoubtedly clinical. They have finally gotten their first album after the release three outstanding singles like funkatoria(General admission mix), Home+Office and The run is on, on all major platforms. The album starts with “the run is on” track and ends amazingly with “we wanna know”.

The lyrics shine across every song with other keys and bass arranged melodically and sequential as the speaker speaks and narrates the theme. I'll be looking forward to seeing them perform this fall on their tour and to hearing what they do with their album. Listen to sugar house here!

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