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"MUSTA BEEN BAD" by Lee Fitzjames

Hailing from New Zealand and living in between USA and Sweden is this talent. An actor, director, topliner and musician, Fitzjames won Best Actress and Best Director for her not upcoming music video releases for 'Musta Been Bad' and 'Hold In' at several international film festivals this year. She is a

rising star on the verge of global success.

Musta Been Bad is a multi award winning project for artist Lee Fitzjames. In addition to winning "Best Pop Music Video", Fitzjames also won and received multiple nominations for "Best Actress" at several international film festivals.


This is the first release for Fitzjames using her own name, having released earlier works and written for other artists under different monikers. She writes and co-produces all songs and directs the videos. Production for both the song and video took place across Sweden, USA and New Zealand during the Covid-19 pandemic. She holds a torturous vocal and inspiring lyrics which makes her unique from the rest. Listen to musta been bad here!

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