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“NEVER BE THE SAME” by Skrap Hussain

Skrap Hussain, a rising rapper and songwriter, immerses himself in the rich traditions of Hip Hop culture. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, in the United States, he introduces a unique influence to the ever-evolving landscape of the genre. Demonstrating a distinctive lyrical flow and a profound understanding of Hip Hop essentials in his earlier work, his latest album takes the stakes to new heights, showcasing a more refined and polished artistic expression. "Never be the Same" by Skrap Hussain embarks on a musical journey across 14 tracks, fueled by the artist's intrinsic longing for elevation and a steadfast dedication to reaching a point of irreversibility in his musical expedition. The album serves as a testament to audacity, a readiness to take risks, and a willingness to bare all in the pursuit of artistic maturation.

Right from the start, the captivating melodies seize the listener's attention, establishing a platform for a contemplative exploration of self-transformation. Skrap Hussain constructs a narrative that transcends mere musical expression, using lyrics as a conduit to delve into profound themes of change and resilience. Each track functions as a chapter in this sonic saga, contributing to the overarching tale of an unwavering quest for musical excellence.

The album's notable craftsmanship is evident, with meticulously crafted themes weaving through every track. Listeners are guided through a journey where the artist contemplates the essence of being 'never be the same'—a pursuit that transcends conformity and challenges the established order. The album deeply resonates with those who have embraced a similar philosophy in their own lives, prompting reflection on the transformative journey and acknowledgment that the present is a testament to the risks undertaken.

Skrap Hussain's 'Never be the same' powerfully transforms our inner vulnerabilities into strengths, leaving us with an unwavering belief in ourselves by the album's conclusion. Hussain emerges as a genuine performer, showcasing a distinctive sound that is just a glimpse into his formidable artistry. Take a moment to appreciate the insightful and inspirational music of Skrap Hussain; it's an experience you won't want to miss.

Garcia Penned 🖊️



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