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Never comin down is a track off New York based Artis’s EP “speak” and it’s a gem. Energetic and infectiously catchy, "Never Comin Down” expands on Clou9 distinct sound with strong production quality and a uniquely modern sound. Clou9 says ”Never Comin Down has a message that shows persaverance and dedication in that working hard will never be a problem“ because this is what he lives for. The track has a great opening And thrills from start to the end.

Pacifying vocals and lyrics on the track takes it to another level. Never comin down could be a good concert opener as the title is somewhat developed And also sought to get listeners onto the dance floor, yet a well-crafted work from a talent that shows itself to be unbound by categories of space, time, and genre. Never Comin Down will get you jamming along as you listen. Not forgotten adding to your playlist and playing on repeat because there is no dull moment across it. With melod rhymes and transitions well crafted. Awesome performance in all.

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