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“NEXT” by Blake Yung

Blake Yung, a talented artist and songwriter based in Portland, has consistently followed his unique path in the music industry. After releasing a series of singles this year, Blake makes a triumphant return in 2023 with his latest single, "Next," featuring Benny Mayne. This track harks back to the iconic Alternative/Rap sound that initially propelled Blake to popularity, much to the delight of his dedicated fans. "Next," unveiled on August 18th, 2023, represents Blake's first collaborative feature of the year and serves as a showcase for his distinctive rap style.

In the realm of music, talent abounds, but so does mediocrity. Fortunately, the alternative-rap genre have their fair share of exceptional artists. On the flip side, there are some singers who receive undue recognition based on factors other than their vocal prowess. Then there are artists like Blake Yung, who operate beneath the radar, possessing a vocal range and versatility that's a rarity in rap music. Blake is the type of artist who can effortlessly tackle this musical genre, and his talent shines brightly in everything he undertakes. You might have initially discovered him through previous releases like "Closure," and if you're not familiar with him yet, the onus is on you. While the musicianship and songwriting in "Next" are undeniably strong, it's Blake's exceptional vocals that elevate the track into a formidable musical force.

"Next" kicks off with a pulsating energy that strikes a perfect balance between alt-rap. There's an innate smoothness to this pulsation that amplifies the track's inherent groove, making it virtually impossible not to sway along with the melody. As the initial tones pulse, they gradually evolve into the core of the song, acquiring an enchanting, shimmering layer. While you might not find yourself dancing wildly to this track, the infectious dance vibes within its depths will certainly have you grooving and moving to the beat. There's an addictiveness to the melody that compels your muscles to sway and shimmy in harmony with the rhythm.

Blake Yung continues to lead the way in the music scene, and his latest release, "Next," is now available on all major platforms. Blake's signature sound is a dynamic dive into the world of rap, throughout the entire track, the instrumentation is rich and enveloping, offering a captivating interplay of musical elements that bestow each line with a unique essence. Blake's sound is characterized by exceptional instrumentals, spirited lyrics that showcase the artist's musical prowess, and a hauntingly engaging flow. "Next" is a musical gem that possesses an allure capable of simultaneously captivating a broad spectrum of listeners. Don't miss the chance to experience "Next" – listen to it now and be swept away by its sweet melodies!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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