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“NOT ALL OF US AGREED” by Harry Kappen

A Dutch musician and music therapist, Harry Kappen is a versatile artist who is proficient in multiple instruments. He creates his music in his home studio located in the Netherlands, and his eclectic style encompasses a range of genres, from catchy pop songs to dramatic works and solid guitar rock.

Harry's music is often characterized by deeply personal lyrics that offer a glimpse into his inner world. This Artist is here once again and has truly stolen the show again with the release of "Not All Of Us Agreed". This is Harry's latest release on the June 10, 2023.

The song's sound follows a similar musical lineage to Harry's previous releases, but the elements have been raised to a whole new level. Harry Kappen's self-affirming lyrics are beautifully matched with soft and soulful tones, ambient keys, percussive drums, and shimmering guitar chords. Listening to "Not All Of Us Agreed" is an immersive experience that showcases the song's clinical precision and creates a unique mood.

The instrumentation in the track is characterized by a quietly dazzling vulnerability and movement, while the acoustic guitar and steady percussion beats anchor the overall ambiance in its distinctive flavors. The track is truly mesmerizing, featuring heartfelt and deeply soulful lyrics that captivate the listener from start to finish. You can stream "Not All Of Us Agreed" here and experience the magic for yourself!

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