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“NOT SATISFIED- The Remixes” by Tally Koren

Tally Koren, who was born in Israel and spent part of her childhood in Mexico, has had a diverse journey across different countries. Currently based in the UK, she has achieved notable success in her music career. In 2011, she received the prestigious Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter, a remarkable accomplishment for an independent artist like her. Additionally, Tally Koren's talent and dedication to her craft led to her being featured on BBC Radio 2's playlist, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Israel's very own Tally Koren has been popping into everyone’s head lately, with her latest six track EP. Tally Koren's latest release, "Not Satisfied- The Remixes," aims to break musical boundaries and create something unique and exotic that appeals to everyone. And she has certainly achieved this goal. This album delves deep into unapologetic and liberating themes, serving as an anthem for individuals to pause, take a break from societal pressures, and appreciate themselves. Every moment of "Not Satisfied-The Remixes" is enjoyable, and it takes listeners on an incredible journey.

This EP is a testament to Tally Koren's ability to captivate listeners with her clear and raw lyrics. It is evident why she has coined her own genre. The tracks on this EP are both clean and gritty, upbeat and danceable, showcasing a great blend of accomplished songs. With Tally's powerful vocals leading the way, the EP becomes even more impressive. Comparing Tally Koren and her music to others would not do her justice, as she has created something truly unique. "Not Satisfied- The Remixes" is her latest EP of the year, and it leaves us wondering if she will release another. Regardless, she already has 35 other singles and 5 albums that provide ample opportunity to get to know Tally Koren better!

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