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“OCEAN” by Nic T3nnxr

Nic T3nnxr has a R&B and Neo-soul sound. He grew up in South Dublin, Ireland for most of his life. He grew up listening to old R&B/Soul music with such as Boyz Il Men, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Kci and JoJo. His vocal influences are Usher and Michael Jackson but sonically his influences are The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Giveon, Brent Fayaiz, Daniel Caesar, and Frank Ocean. He writes about his experiences and he's seen and been through.

Ocean is his latest track released on the April 15, 2022. He wrote this song called ocean which is about depression and using drowning in a ocean and water as a metaphor.

Sonically its doing/summer walker kind of vibe. He’s reaching, he’s still upcoming artist and still very new to have such amazing tracks under his profile. It’s our(spotlight blog) honour to have him here. From the first notes of the guitar and the light, almost shy entrance of the lead vocals in this track Ocean, I had the sensation of stepping barefoot into warm, clear, salty water. I can see my toes.

Ocean invites us to pause into a moment; a moment of introspection to consider the dynamics of a relationship. I really love it. It’s both soft and sweet, raw and real all at the same time but what seals the deal, in the end, are the lyrics. It’s a kind of mesmerizing stream-of-consciousness telling of a relationship. It’s the free-flowing, uninhibited effort to find words, a description “I’m drowning in this ocean” “somebody help I’m screaming”. It feels genuine, expressive, and climbs into moments of poetry.

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