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“ONLY FANS” by Giack Bazz

Artist departs from music career to pursue adult content creation; Giack Bazz shifts focus from his music catalog to venture into the adult film industry.

The music industry is headed towards a collision, compelling musicians to adopt unconventional methods to gain visibility and recognition.

Giack Bazz, the indie rock singer-songwriter hailing from London, is boldly challenging traditional norms with his latest single, "Only Fans." Through an audacious approach aimed at shedding light on the issues permeating the music industry and the digital creative sphere, Bazz is pioneering a new era in single releases. With the support of his full-band formation, Bazz delivers a poignant message with "Only Fans." The song acts as a platform for the emerging artist and activist to confront the prevalent challenges and corruption within the industry, breaking the fourth wall with an unconventional campaign strategy that underscores the song's significance and meaning.

In collaboration with model Alexandra Pinheiro and Wannalog films, the accompanying music video blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction. By unveiling the release-non-release on an authentic "Only Fans" platform, Bazz creates a thought-provoking contrast, igniting conversations and prompting deep introspection. The thematic coherence between the video and the song's essence reinforces an empowering message of agency and resilience. "Only Fans" not only highlights Bazz's musical prowess but also underscores his unwavering dedication to addressing critical societal issues.


With its innovative approach and intellectually stimulating content, the song acts as a catalyst for meaningful discourse within both the music industry and broader society. Bazz's message resonates with themes of empowerment and resilience, serving as a beacon of hope amidst adversity. This endeavor further solidifies Giack Bazz's standing as a transformative figure within his community and beyond, poised for imminent stardom. With each release, he garners a devoted following of fans and believers, making an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Stream "Only Fans" on all amjor platforms.

Artist leverages OnlyFans to raise awareness, recognizing the selling power of sex over music; Giack Bazz steps into his activist role once more.

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