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“ORION” by Melanie MacLaren

Melanie MacLaren's natural aptitude for nuanced delivery, wistful guitar playing, and her ability to write about life as if life were simply writing itself is everything you could want from a folk musician. Growing up in New York and moving to Nashville in 2020 MacLaren's music is not so much rooted in a

place and time as it is suspended, caught between worlds- dreamlike and hyper realistic, timeless and contemporary.

Orion is a dreamy indie-folk ballad with flashes of classic Americana sensibilities. The sentimental cynicism of the lyrics are

reminiscent of today's indie-folk powerhouses like Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, but the urgency of the lyrics reflect a self-destructive desire to make up for lost time in a post pandemic world in a way that hasn't yet been articulated musically. This urgency, however, is soothed by the song's production as ethereal synth arpeggios and whirling pedal steel wrap the lyrics in a sense of comfort making Orion a shimmering and bittersweet

ode to memorable nights and the hold they have on us.

This single follows Melanie MacLaren's debut EP Kill My Time, which was released in February of this year.

Melanie MacLaren

Orion starts right from the get-go, you feel this tight vibe that is really accented by these acoustics and percussive continuous in the pattern. The tone and feel are warm, with lots of soft movements to cozy up to. Sit by the pool, soak up some sun and let Melanie gives you a killer soundtrack. Listen to Orion here on Spotlight blog.

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