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“PASS” by Max Feinstein

Max Feinstein is a New Jersey-based Singer

and Guitarist who combines elements of Alternative, Grunge and Psychedelic Rock. Max is also an avid bleeding disorders advocate who is currently releasing material recorded during the heart of the COVID-19 lockdown while undergoing intensive

physical therapy in order to avoid major surgery to replace his right elbow which had been ravaged by the effects of severe Hemophilia over his life.

Instead of putting down the guitar Max threw himself wholly into his pursuits and used his

limitations to refine his musicianship, developing a compelling style of guitar playing that blends compelling alternative rock riffs and soulful leads with noise rock experimentation and a flare for the

unconventional. After spending much of the 2020 lockdown rehabilitating his right arm Feinstein announced a record written through the lens of a life with a rare disorder, Redefine, which will be released in March 2022


New Jersey's Max Feinstein let's it all hang out as he shrieks, sneers, and soars through his newest single, the sassy, unhinged "Pass". For fans of Pixies, Talking Heads, IDLES, and Mannequin Pussy.

Pass is the fourth track off the seven track redefine Album from Max Feinstein released on the March 25, 2022. Max Feinstein is the kind of slow and stirring alt rock that gets under your skin when you aren’t looking, with the textured, dreamy reverb on the electric guitar and the emotional honesty of the lyrics, which explore the complex ethos of masculinity. The lead guitar melodies are inviting in their energy and pulse. The bass work creates an ambient alt rock warmth and an anchoring of the lead guitar lines. The drum work kit is simple but instinctive.

And it is. Max’s vocals are moody and inward-looking. Reflective of the song title, his voice emotes both a tender vulnerability at times and a faintly aggressive power at others.Listen to Pass and others on the redefine album.

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