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“PISCES PIE” by Odelet

Odelet's most recent album, "Pisces Pie," serves as a testament to her diverse talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist. With a knack for crafting her own material, including instrumentals, Odelet draws inspiration from old-school Hip Hop in her production style, resulting in a collection of tracks that are lucid, vibrant, and meticulously crafted. Odelet, an artist rapidly gaining widespread recognition, continues to deliver one hit after another, and her latest release is no exception. It's only a matter of time before Odelet becomes your go-to artist of choice. Her enchanting album showcases her captivating talent, and after just one listen, you'll find yourself captivated, hitting replay as she ascends to the pinnacle of your favorite artists. The standout singles from "Pisces Pie" make a powerful impact, showcasing Odelet's production skills at their peak.

In a time of uncertainty, the album emerges as a manifesto from a true music enthusiast who still believes in the unifying force of a universal groove. Multi genre vibes, authentic swing, and infectious slow and downbeat beats seamlessly blend with hip-hop elements, creating a captivating sonic tapestry that resonates from start to finish. "Pisces Pie" pays homage to the classic production style of hip-hop while also highlighting Odelet's prowess as a captivating singer. Infused with elements of jazz, her vocals effortlessly glide through each track, guided by her deep understanding of soul, R&B, and pop.

From the title track "Pisces Pie" to the mesmerizing finale "Carousel," the album showcases lyrical depth and professional polish, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. Building on the success of her previous releases, such as "Experiment" and "The Angels Album," Odelet once again takes center stage with "Pisces Pie." While the album maintains her signature style, it pushes boundaries to new heights, resulting in a truly captivating collection of tracks. With each song seamlessly flowing into the next, "Pisces Pie" offers a journey worth embarking on multiple times. Available now on all major platforms, prepare to be transported by Odelet's undeniable talent and artistic vision.

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