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PISSED OFF (jigsaw) by Spell Jordan

spell Jordan

Spell Jordan is a twenty-five-year-old Washington, DC transplant, originally from Philadelphia, PA.

“Pissed off(Jigsaw)” released this past months, January 7, 2022. Spell Jordan pushes its sound to greater horizons in “pissed off,” all while staying true to the Artist’s creative path.

With grand harmonica pieces throughout the track, accompanied by rhymes and repetition, there is something almost nostalgic to the song that makes it so the listener can’t help but want to dance along. However, the meaning of the song might not be as lighthearted.

Simply put, “Pissed off (jigsaw)” is Wallows doing what they do best - creating fun music that never goes stale. It is an exciting look into what is to come from the Artist in the near future.

“Pissed off (Jigsaw)” can now be streamed everywhere. Hope you do so!

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