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“REASON 2 BELIEVE” by Proklaim

Proklaim, a solo artist whose recording career traces back to 2011, is deeply devoted to his craft, driven by the creation of music imbued with profound messages. Presently residing in Namibia, Proklaim embarked on his artistic journey by simultaneously delving into the realms of writing rap lyrics and mastering the guitar. "Reason 2 Believe" by Proklaim stands as a compelling testament to rap as a potent medium for self-expression and introspection. This track offers an authentic voyage into the artist's inner world, revealing Proklaim's unwavering honesty, passion, and undeniable rap skills.

From the very outset, "Reason 2 Believe" seizes your attention with its thought-provoking lyrics. Proklaim's delivery exudes sincerity and emotional depth, immersing you in his realm of self-reflection. The song unfolds like a personal diary of his thoughts and contemplations, inviting listeners to partake in his moments of introspection. Proklaim's lyrical prowess shines brightly as he fearlessly delves into profound subjects and personal struggles, all conveyed with depth and sincerity. His carefully chosen words reflect a genuine passion for the art of rap.

The production of this track harmoniously complements Proklaim's storytelling, crafting a captivating backdrop for his narrative. The beat and musical arrangement elevate the emotional resonance of the lyrics, adding an additional layer of depth to the song. The chorus lingers in the listener's mind long after the song has concluded. Proklaim's vocals in this track offer an intimate experience, drawing you in and enveloping you with the poignant emotions he conveys through every word. In an era where many singers have witnessed a decline in their abilities, altering their vocal range or losing their original prowess, Proklaim stands as an exception. He remains steadfast, consistently honing his craft and tirelessly dedicating himself to it. If "Reason 2 Believe" serves as any indication, it's abundantly clear that Proklaim deserves the spotlight, casting other singers into the shadows.

"Reason 2 Believe" isn't merely a rap song; it serves as a testament to the profound power of music as a medium of self-expression. Proklaim's capability to convey his thoughts and emotions with such clarity and passion is a testament to his artistry. This track extends an invitation to listeners to forge a personal connection, to contemplate their individual journeys, and to discover their own "reason to believe" through the transformative force of music. You can listen to "Reason 2 Believe" on all major streaming platforms!"

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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