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“RIPPING” by Gary Dranow

Featured in the "Never Give Up" album, Gary Dranow's "Ripping" is a testament to the band's artistic prowess, deftly melding rock and metal elements. This fusion results in a distinctive sound that resonates, finding a harmonious equilibrium between entrenched musical traditions and a contemporary edge. From the initial note, the track commands attention with its dynamic composition, establishing the foundation for an immersive auditory experience.

At its core, "Ripping" delves into the acceleration of time with aging, particularly exploring the swift pace encountered in one's 70s. The lyrics intricately weave a poignant narrative, adeptly expressing the emotional journey of hurtling into light speed during the later stages of life. This thematic exploration adds layers to the song, providing listeners with a reflective and thought-provoking outlook on the inexorable passage of time. In the realm of musicality, the track unveils the band's proficiency, delivering a compelling arrangement that seamlessly transitions between the classic vibes of rock and the edginess of metal. The instrumental components harmonize with the lyrical narrative, forging a synergy that amplifies the overall impact of the song. Dranow's vocal delivery introduces an emotional layer, capturing the essence of the lyrics and establishing a profound connection with the audience.

"Ripping" not only distinguishes itself through its musical and lyrical excellence but also by its ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions. The listener embarks on a sonic journey that transcends genres, leaving an enduring impression. Within the context of the "Never Give Up" album, this track emerges as a standout, showcasing Gary Dranow's adeptness in crafting music that stands the test of time and remains relevant.

"Ripping" stands as a noteworthy track that encapsulates the band's fusion of rock and metal. Its exploration of time acceleration in one's 70s adds a layer of profundity, rendering it a compelling and thought-provoking piece. With its potent musicality, emotional resonance, and seamless integration of diverse genres, this track cements Gary Dranow's position in the realm of impactful and enduring music.

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