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“SAME NIGHT” by St. Bedlam

With her sharp lyricism, captivating performances, and a mischievous wink, St. Bedlam has established herself as one of Sydney's most extraordinary, delightful, and formidable hip-hop artists.

Combining intricate rhyme schemes with mind-blowing musicality, St. Bedlam astonished the Australian hip-hop scene with her first single, 'Masquerade' (2019).

She's had released her latest track "Same Night" which is already a hit. After a really traumatic event that forced her to end a domestic violence relationship, she thought she was never going to release music again. This song is a self reflection about the person that she is, and the person that she wants to be. It's her rebirth into releasing music. She now knows herself better and you can hear that reflected in the song.

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