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“ Scheiß Timing” by Madlen

Emerging from Germany is MADLEN is a pop singer who writes and produces songs herself. Her first Performances mostly consisted of Talent competitions or school musicals, she Started making street music. Today she is Full-time musician and strives for a career as a Independent artist.

After 22 years of searching for the her own sound and potential, she feels Finally ready to make her first Ep, call me crazy" (20.05.22).


Because although they all thought it was crazy, After she quit her part-time job and her Has started her studies, she has never decided and regretted or doubted. Are you also considered crazy because you are interested in believes or something that everyone thinks is impossible?

Scheiß Timing is her second single under her profile. There are money to come not forgotten her EP as well. Malden proves she’s here to stay and not bound by time and circumstances. You’ll get to know why I’m talk too much after enjoying her Scheiß Timing trac on all major platforms. That’s an irresistible tune from her. Listen here on BlogNet. We always bring you the best. The best is reserved for the last because the best always last longer.

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