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“SEVEN DAYS” by Jared Thurtson

Jared Thurston, or thurston is an established artist out of the Bay Area. Hailing specifically from the 82nd block of East Oakland, Jthurston brings a unique approach to Bay-style rap. Over generally dark, yet energetic production.

Seven days is Jared latest song which was released on the April 22, 2022. It’s a whole mood Jared has found his way here on spotlight blog with his burning performance.

This song was made to be an inspiration to those that are dreamers trying to balance their goals with their 9-5 jobs. You can't give all of yourself to another company and then come home and give your own dream a halfhearted effort, you have to give even more of yourself. Blinders on, no distractions, working for the goal 7 days a week!


With his magical beat and strong vocals, Jared exhibited a true class in the rap genre. This Artist proves he’s not bound by any circumstances yet another clinical song for the masses to bop to. More of them to come.Listen to Seven Days here!

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