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“SKALA.02” by Simesky+Fritch

"SKALA.02" by Simesky+Fritch unfolds as a remarkable seven-track album, showcasing the collaborative brilliance of this dynamic duo. Simesky, renowned for his work with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and his contributions to progressive 80's synthwave, joins forces with Fritch, a Wales-based artist drawing comparisons to icons like Bowie's Blackstar and Scott Walker. Together, they craft a musical journey that stands as a glorious statement, resonating with a distinctive new-neon swagger.

This collaborative effort becomes a testament to the duo's ability to reimagine the allure of new-wave darkness, infuse the glistening charm of 80’s pop, and recapture the shimmering nostalgia of retro sounds, ultimately shaping these elements into something truly spectacular. "SKALA.02" encapsulates the essence of lost decades, skillfully blending it with a contemporary touch. Each track within the album serves as a chapter, weaving a narrative that not only pays homage to its musical influences but also propels the listener into an exciting realm of new possibilities.

Throughout the album's duration, Simesky+Fritch showcase a mastery of their respective styles, creating a cohesive yet diverse musical landscape. The fusion of Simesky's synthwave expertise and Fritch's innovative approach results in a rich tapestry of sound that balances nostalgia with forward-thinking exploration. "SKALA.02" emerges as a captivating experience, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its radiant blend of new-neon aesthetics and daring sonic experimentation. It stands tall as a testament to the duo's collaborative synergy and their ability to craft a musical journey that transcends genres and time periods.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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