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“SNAKE EYES” by Slatz

The collaboration between Slatz & The Weight of Silence in their track "Snake Eyes" stands as an enthralling masterpiece within the realms of Numetal and Metalcore, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. Right from the initial note, the song captivates with an intensity that commands your full attention, embarking on a compelling journey of deep self-discovery. What distinguishes this composition is its seamless transition between Slatz's authoritative vocals and J-Figure's trap metal screams, forging a dynamic interplay that enriches the lyrical content, which probes the inner turmoil often concealed beneath the surface.

"Snake Eyes" emerges as a visceral and commanding composition, deftly intertwining elements from various musical genres. Slatz, originally hailing from Sydney, is a musical innovator who defies the confinement of genre labels through his distinctive fusion of Hardcore, Metalcore, Trap Metal, Hip-Hop, and Alternative Metal. This track is a testament to his determination not to be confined by musical categorization, showcasing his adaptability as he navigates the musical spectrum, traversing from the raw essence of old-school NYHC to the intense vigor of metalcore, and even venturing into the haunting depths of dark trap metal.

At the core of "Snake Eyes" lies an unwavering intensity and a captivating journey articulated through its lyrics. The song delves into the intricate and often tumultuous territory of inner struggles, echoing the internal battles that we all confront. This track is emblematic of the evolving landscape of musical fusion, where the boundaries of creativity are pushed to their limits, and artistic innovation knows no bounds. In this metal rock anthem, a relentless onslaught of electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drums collides with intense vocals, creating a sonic experience that's nothing short of a powerhouse. The track exudes an aggressive energy and brooding atmosphere, making it a headbanger's paradise. What sets it apart is the intricate instrumentation and the raw power of the vocals, underscoring the band's undeniable musical prowess.

Slatz & The Weight of Silence have masterfully crafted a captivating composition that is destined to have a profound impact within the world of Numetal and Metalcore. "Snake Eyes" provides a sonic experience that delves into the depths of the human psyche, offering a musical narrative that is as evocative as it is unrelenting. This collaboration is a testament to Slatz's artistry and the capacity of music to stimulate self-exploration and introspection, leaving a lasting impression on the listener's soul. For metal enthusiasts seeking an unapologetically heavy dose, this song is a must-listen that leaves an indelible mark.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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