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“SPEAK FOR A MOMENT” by Matt Deangelis

Matt Deangelis, a talented artist from New Jersey, captivates with his rich and introspective rhythm that entices the listener into his realm. His latest release, "Speak For A Moment," is a masterful composition embellished with a tapestry of dynamic shifts and intricate production elements that promise to engulf the audience. This inspirational track unearths our deepest emotions, conjuring constellations from the stars and uttering a language of resolute determination to embrace the present and realize aspirations for global impact.

The song makes a graceful and poignant entrance. The piano and guitar notes resonate with a lively and luminous quality, harmonizing seamlessly with the velvety vocals. Matt's breathy and tender tone is skillfully balanced with precise vocal flourishes, demonstrating a versatile range imbued with emotional allure. The highs and lows merge harmoniously, melding with the vibrant musical canvas that serves as an exquisite backdrop. The infusion of a resonant bass line adds a palpable depth to the arrangement. As Matt DeAngelis takes the lead with vocals and piano, supported by Bill Kennedy on guitars, Eric Bishop on bass, and Dan Pettolina on drums, they collectively transport the listener into their captivating sphere, akin to a vivid daydream.

I find myself immersed in the captivating essence and mindful connections woven by this rich and dynamic track. The craftsmanship of singing becomes evident in the songwriting, presenting a harmonious charm intertwined with a delicate touch of sophistication. Groovy and immersive instrumentation intertwine with vocals that gracefully hover above, instilling a sense of relaxation coupled with an inviting rhythm. The song emanates a profound dance vibe, a rhythmic dialogue that tugs and sways. Matt succinctly captures the essence of the track in a few choice words. This artistic release beckons the replay button, ensuring an enchanting listening experience. Explore "Speak For A Moment" on leading music platforms to savor its enchanting essence.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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