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Harmony Dreamers is a music project that is all about spreading positivity and unity through their music. Their debut album, " I Come From Earth," features contributions from top-flight musicians from around the world, including 20 international backup singers, making it a truly global record.

Their music is a perfect example of how art can transcend borders and bring people together. Their latest album showcases their unique sound, blending synthpop, psychedelic rock, and tight rhythm sections, with feel-good lyrics and playful humor. The album's message of unity and positivity resonates with listeners worldwide. Harmony Dreamers' latest album features 12 tracks of their signature blend of synthpop, psychedelic rock, and tight rhythm sections.

"Spinning Around The Sun," the 7th track on the album, is a standout example of their unique sound. With upbeat and uplifting lyrics, the song is a perfect representation of the feel-good, fun nature of Harmony Dreamers' music. The track's catchy melody, combined with its humorous and playful lyrics, make it an instant classic.

As you listen to their music, you may discover something about yourself and your own musical taste. The band's authenticity shines through in every track of their album, leaving listeners eager for more. With their unique sound and uplifting message, Harmony Dreamers are a band that you simply can't get enough of.

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