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“SPOT ME FLY” by Ghost WriDer

Ghost WriDer a German Rap Artist and Newcomer has released his third single Spot me fly on April 22, 2022 on all major platforms. Following the release of his previous tracks including don’t this shit and Bitte Spitte X-Mas HoHoHo (Für Elise) has proven that this amazing Artist is not bound by genre and here to stay.

With so many singers from this era losing their talent, changing keys or in the worst cases dropping complete octaves from the original vocals, here stands Ghost WriDer. Unrelenting, still improving, still working his ass off, and if Spot me fly, is any indication, those other singers can go back to the bottle and cigarettes–just give Ghost WriDer the mic.

Ghost WriDer

Awesome musicianship and production cannot save this release from being great ambient background music. Nothing sticks to ribs on this release, leaving the listener hungry for something more. Plenty of promise and potential. Best and more to come.

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