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“SQUARE ONE” by Marcellin

A talented singer, songwriter, performer and up and coming artist who was born and raised in the beautiful streets of Baltimore City Marcellin is out with a new release Dubbed Square One.

Marcellin is a true definition of Music and as an Artist. Great Artists such as Beyoncé, Prince have been his inspiration. These are been exhibited throughout his performances.


Square one is his 2nd single of the year. The highlight of this song is the catchy chorus that starts at 0:54. and hope this will keep you on the dance floor while enjoying it.

”I don’t know what to do, will you show me?” is one line from this track. Of course I’ll show you! Get your headphones on and keep listening to Square one! That’s the way out!

listen on Spotify

Blog Writer 👩‍💻: Garcia


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