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Here is an artist who can reach in and stir up the waters. His sensitivity to mood and emotion are evocative and stirring in all the right ways. Le Jank makes minimalist, guitar-driven Jank music telling unexpected stories. This North American duo has been the musical anchor to many different independent artists for 20 years with their eclectic, guitar-driven sound. Their iteration of Jank Pop music is influenced by Celtic, Pop and Reggae music.

Stay tuned is Le Jank’s third single on his profile Which is somewhat massive. He has his latest track Worn tires out as well. Yet this Artist continues to drop hit. This music Stay tuned is the soundtrack of the learning in living. What we learn in life isn't defined by the big moments or inflection points. No, the moments when things are synthesized, understood, and committed to memory occur quietly. They occur in times of self reflection during the rare instances when we are alone enough to block out the noise and work through our thoughts. Le Jank is the music of those moments. It's simple yet complete. Focused yet thorough. It's the sensation of gained understanding and fruitful thought. It represents the discreet but life- shaping synaptic change that allows each of us to know ourselves better one turn, one string, one note at a time.


The acoustic guitar work in the song is exquisite. The finger-plucked notes blur together into soft waves, the volume subtly moving in and out like an ebb and flow. Light, melancholic touches of piano add to the dynamics and to the delicacy, with Jank’s softly soulful lead vocal work moving the instrumentation toward a slow eruption of crescendo. That’s a morning routine. Catch the vibes here on BlogNet.

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