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“STORAGE” by Connor Maynard

Conor Maynard made a bold move in March 2020 when he decided to pursue his career as an independent artist after a decade signed to a major label and achieving global success. With a debut album, 'Contrast', that hit number one in the UK charts, world tours, awards, and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, Maynard's accomplishments speak for themselves.

As one of the pioneers of YouTube, he was among the first homegrown talents to successfully transition from online stardom to becoming a pop sensation in real life.

Conor Maynard has released a new single titled 'Storage' to mark the release of his latest project. The classic Maynard-style ballad explores the impact of a relationship on one's memory, and how memories change after a breakup. According to Maynard, the song is about the brain's capacity to hold onto various personal and beautiful memories during a relationship, only for those same memories to consume one's mind after the relationship ends.

The analogy of an iPhone 'running out of storage' is used to convey this idea, as the brain too can become overwhelmed with meaningless little memories that hold significant emotional weight in the aftermath of a breakup. Listen to "Storage" here on Euphony BlogNet!

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