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“TELL ME” by Jalen Campbell

Another shining gem from the US based hip hop-rap Artist JALEN CAMPBELL. Tell Me MAJOR label artist Jalen Campbell gives us his "debut" track Tell me on all major platforms on the May 2, 2022.

Jalen is the 2nd on the roster for MAJOR label, along with J.Tek who averages over 70,000 monthly listeners. Looking to build connections and partnerships going forward.


The uptempo track Tell me is for those who are inspiring for more in life and ignoring those who doubt them. Jalen‘s “tell me” track makes my body remembers the sensation of the beloved annual County Fair, that one ride I thought I could handle in the pain and strain of maturing. It seemed like an inescapable Rite of Passage. It didn’t look that far from the ground. Buckled in–and surely nothing could go wrong– as the machine climbed higher and higher, I felt both free from the earth’s gravity, while the erect hair on my arms disclosed that I was afraid of falling. The tension mounted as the climb continued. That’s the feeling of the bass drum and keys expressions in this stunning new song.

I guess that’s not much of a technical review. I just can’t stand on the outside of this song, assessing it from a distance. It’s an immersive experience. The fervency of the percussion work makes my ground shake. “I got my bros we goin to work, we gon elevate” Jalen tells us to focus and ignore those who doubt us. There’s no other right time to Listen to tell me. Stream here!

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