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THAT’S THAT from Precinct Phantom

Precinct Phantom

Grime/Hip Hop MC, based in Leeds, UK Precinct Phantom is out with a creative and tuneful style track titled “that’s that”.

Almost everything about this release sucks. It’s Precinct Phantom’s solo release, and it’s among the best solo track you’ll ever get. Why? Cuz “That’s that” sucks, and it’s taking him far, far too early. It sucks there will never be another Precinct Phantom release, at least with Precinct Phantom catchy voice on it.

Precinct Phantom

And finally, it just sucks to come to terms with those whose contributions helped form one tentacle of hip hop, in this case Doom grime/hip hop, keep dying before their time, and are no more. Sure, it will suck that you can’t listen to Precinct Phantom anymore after you are dust … but no one really knows that answer. For now, listen to it while you can …

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