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“THE ENGINE” by Acid City Nuns

Acid City Nuns, a band hailing from Bellingham, United States, has recently unveiled their second album, "The Engine," consisting of a compelling lineup featuring nine songs and four conversations. The album serves as a poignant reflection on the relentless pixelization of humanity and the ticking hands of time. In the opening track, "I Love the Things That You Do," "The Engine" establishes its presence with a sweet and somber introduction. The interplay of plucky and bright guitar tones, harmoniously paired with smooth vocals, demonstrates Acid City Nuns' adept control over their breathy and sweet tonal nuances.

The album becomes an immersive experience, heightened by the inclusion of both male and female vocals that explore a broad range with emotional charisma, creating a captivating musical daydream. As the album unfolds, Acid City Nuns showcase their precision in delivering high and low tones, ensuring a dynamic evolution throughout the tracks. The colorful musical backdrop serves as a canvas for their artistic expression. With each song, the album gains depth and complexity, transitioning seamlessly between emotional textures.

The introduction of deeper bass whilst the album evolves into the next track "if you're ever lonely" the energy becomes intense. The music pulses with a rhythmic movement that invites dancing. The smoothness of the pulse emphasizes the flow, making it nearly impossible not to groove along. The melody triggers an almost involuntary bouncing response, establishing a dynamic and lively atmosphere. As the initial pulse of tones extends into the track's core, exemplified in "Just Say So," it takes on a shimmering upper layer. Although the intensity may not prompt exuberant dance moves, the vibes in the lower levels effortlessly encourage swaying and movement. The melody's inherent addictiveness sets your muscles in motion, creating a delightful rhythm for swaying and shimmying.

Also bending synths further enriches the sonic landscape, of the album. Acid City Nuns' ability to incorporate these elements adds a commanding presence to the sound, reinforcing the album's thematic exploration. "The Engine" emerges as a standout release, leaving a lasting impression with its artistic depth and emotional resonance. Having thoroughly enjoyed this release, we eagerly anticipate future offerings from Acid City Nuns, as they continue to push the boundaries of their musical expression and captivate audiences with their unique blend of sonic artistry.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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