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“THE NEXT GENERATION (Cosmogony-Disco for Peace)” by Bantunani

Composer, singer and producer, More than music, Bantunani emerging from France, offers his own electro afrofunk style based on heavy bass, Funky quitars and wyse lyrics that describe our deep feelings and the world state. The man is also a great live entertainer who had recorded more than 12 albums. Bantunani 8s on top with his 2 new singles

Another Place and Casablanca. He reached

out more than 127 radios and 24 Spotify

playlists. His career is exceptional and make this artist so unique and intense.

Lucid, vibrant and very neat, the first singles from Bantunani's Cosmogony album hit the shelves like a shock, heralding a break in the singer's production. Last pamphlet from a music lover who, in these uncertain times, still wants to believe in the unifying force of a universal groove where electro disco atmospheres, realistic swing and some hiphop sounds with unstoppable beats and melodies blend together wonderfully. Cosmogony in partnership with some of the greatest mixer like James Auwarter, Sefi Carmen, Tj Routon from Taylor Swift or Sam Wheat ( Rihanna, Amy Winehouse) will be a space journey to flee the world around wise lyrics and deep beats.


Let's dance again with Bantunani's hottest electro disco track- Bantunani announces its big comeback, a Cosmogonic comeback with 3 new singles including the highly anticipated title Next Generation which is already spotted here on Spotlight blog experiencing a certain radio thrill before and after the official release on Friday April 1, 2022.

Next Generation (Cosmogony-disco for peace) is the first track of the seven track album. One quick spot to Bantunani’s fanciful and warm toned vocal will soothe your heart and cause your head to nod. Time draw your mind into a fantastically melancholy world that seems to only be available to you; a space that might have been built specifically for you. Starting off where their last album “perspective” finished off,

The middle and closing notes of the first track on their latest album “We can stop the time, we can bring the change” “we can stop the pain for the next generation” This connection provides a symphonic and intertwined progression that calls for continued listening. Symphonic harmonies and imaginative arrangements have pushed the depth and musicianship of the band. The albums expressions are a pleasant accomplishment that have taken the bands sound beyond their disco contemporaries in such a melodious elegance and finesse. Listen to the next generation and full album here!

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