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"The Speed of Dreaming" EP by Love Ghost invites listeners and live rent free in the minds and hearts of the listeners via an enchanting voyage through four tracks recorded in Mexico City, each capturing the evocative essence of nocturnal experiences. The EP commences with "Be Not Afraid," a contemporary Pop Punk anthem delving into the depths of obsessive love, helmed by Mexico's Alex Pedrero. From the very first song, I was captivated. The instrumentals created an ethereal yet intense atmosphere in the opening, brimming with potential for music enthusiasts, like ourselves, which undoubtedly persists throughout the EP.

Subsequent to "Be Not Afraid" is "ESPEJO," an Emo Alt. Rock masterpiece infused with the soulful echoes of acoustic Spanish Guitar and bilingual lyrics. This collaborative endeavor between Love Ghost from Los Angeles and Mexico's El Santi is brought to life under the production prowess of Alex Pedrero, offering a dynamic fusion of musical genres and linguistic expression.

Following suit is "Luna Azul," an Emo-Pop-Rock sensation embellished with the enchanting allure of Spanish Guitar elements, demonstrating the harmonious synergy between Love Ghost and Mexican talents Helian and MONDE. Co-produced by Mexico's BrunOG and Monde, this track has already garnered acclaim on platforms like the Euphony Blognet website, ensuring its rightful recognition among exceptional musical creations.

Concluding the EP is "Wallflower," an acoustic ballad infused with contemporary synth elements, overseen by Alex Pedrero. This final offering delivers a serene yet impactful conclusion to the musical odyssey, encapsulating the EP's diverse array of sounds and sentiments. "The Speed of Dreaming" EP not only showcases Love Ghost's boundless versatility and creativity but also underscores the collaborative ethos that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries in the pursuit of musical brilliance. Don't miss out on exploring Love Ghost's captivating repertoire and the myriad treasures it holds for audiences worldwide.

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