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“THE WAKE” by Gianfranco Pescetti

The Wake” by Gianfranco Pescetti, San Francisco based bass player act is certainly fitting for his band name. This release is like a comforting embrace. Pescetti's buoyant, almost-theater-like instrumentals create a warm atmosphere right away. The title of the track alone brings a happiness into the listener’s heart, and as soon as one hears its breathtakingly fun and beautiful rhythm, a smile will not leave the listener’s face.

“The Wake” is a strong take on turning our inner weaknesses into strengths, and by the end of the track, it’s impossible to not believe in ourselves, even if it is just for a little. The song is perfect for sunrise, sunset, or a rainy day. 

At the end of it all, Gianfranco Pescetti is a true performer. “The Wake” is just a taste of his unique sounds, and he is a force to be reckoned with. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the fun-loving musician that is Gianfranco Pescetti and all that he has to offer. 

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