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“THIS DAY” by Nadhifu

Nadhifu (nah-DEE-foo) a composer and producer is releasing Compositions I (Behind The Veil) , fully released October 12, 2022. This single track from the album will be dropped from streaming services weekly. The first release 'This Day' a mushy love song of dedication and commitment. 'This Day' dropped from streaming services September 17th 2022.

The song was written for a wedding as an addition to the "go to" songs popular at weddings. Expressive and thought provoking lyrics. The tempo was well constructed along a heartwarming vocals. Love the visuals.

Nadhifu's music is structured with verse, chorus and the lost art of the bridge in a song. A song perception so foreign to some listeners.

Nadhifu's style is influenced by J Bach, Maurice Ravel and Thom Bell.

The company 3x7 Senses Entertainment is the brainchild of Nadhifu. A venture that aims to create space where multi arts of sound and visuals intersect and then presented to the world.

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