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“TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” by Alex Sandra

Alex Sandra is a beautiful and independent pop Artist based in San Francisco. Alex recently relocated to San Francisco from Shenzhen, China. Having started her career as a rock singer, she now prefers pop and has released her first EP Supergirl.

She takes her inspiration from Adele, Alicia Keys, Madonna, as well as Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. She also runs a very successful TikTok and Instagram, totalling 500k followers.

Too good to be true is one outstanding performance from the supergirl Ep which was released on the August 15, 2021. Without seeing and believing, certain reports are not accepted nor believed because we don’t expect them. Especially people We do love with with all our hearts.

This track definitely delivers on the heavier side of our relationship, and is the perfect tonic for the angst that we all need to relive sometimes. The back and forth actions after break ups and it’s too good to be true. Moreover, with some promises we made to ourselves and stood by them over these years also makes it hard to accept certain changes unexpectedly. Catch the vibes from Alex Sandra’s “Too good to be true”. And thank me later.

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words: Marc Steve


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